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Among Freedom Fighters / Szabadságharcosok között - Online exhibition

2024-02-15 07:00

For last year's temporary exhibition entitled Among Freedom Fighters | John Sadovy’s Photographs of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, an online exhibition was created by the staff of the National Centre of Museological Methodology and Information at the Hungarian National Museum. The online exhibition, which was held last year in the Dome Hall of the Hungarian National Museum, is now available on the MuseuMap Gallery website and also on the website of the Hungarian National Museum.


About the exhibition by curator Katalin Bognár:


„John Sadovy (1925–2010), a Czech-born photojournalist reporting for the American illustrated weekly Life, witnessed and photographed events of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution for four days, from 29 October to 1 November 1956. His pictures from that time, mainly the ones taken during the siege of the headquarters of the Budapest Committee of the Hungarian Working People’s Party at Köztársaság Square (today Pope John Paul II Square), gained worldwide fame on the pages of Life and other important international publications.

The Hungarian National Museum and the Committee of National Remembrance, Hungary, in collaboration with the photographer’s two daughters, Liza Jane Sadovy and Yvonne Sadovy de Mitcheson, presented a selection of John Sadovy’s 1956 photographs in a temporary exhibition in the Hungarian National Museum between 20 October and 10 December 2023. THE COMPILATION HERE is the online version of this temporary exhibition.”



The MuseuMap Gallery, where you can find the online exhibition, was created in May 2020 as an extension of the MuseuMap aggregation portal. This sub-page is the new dimension of MuseuMap, where you can get to know the digital collection of the aggregation portal in a fresher, more playful and lighter way.


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Cover: ©John Sadovy